David P Salazar Glass

Exquisite glass vases, paperweights, perfume bottles and marbles

Combining Glassblowing & Design Since 1972

 I have always been fascinated with the process of shaping and decorating hot glass since the first time I was introduced to it.  The creativity is derived from the array of colors to choose from, the different tools and molds used to form the glass, and the various forms of decoration, such as glass rods, glass powders, wood chips, etc. 

My solid pieces, like marbles, paperweights, and hearts, are influenced by nature.  Sea life, flowers, butterflies, and birds are recurrent themes in this work.

 Vases, tumblers, and bowls, the blown pieces, are classical in design.  The iridescent pieces are reminiscent of Tiffany, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night swirl patterns have influenced some of my other decorations.

 When a grade school class came for a visit to my studio, one boy asked me “is this your real job?”.  I am happy to say that yes, this has been my real job for the past 50+ years, and I am lucky to be doing something that I love.   I create things that people will enjoy and collect and use in their homes, and that makes me happy.